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Natural Balance Dog Food

Dogs like different types of material with different grades.They only like dry foods if the it is tasty and if compared with canned item, dogs will prefer to consume canned food. The reason why dog's prefer to consume canned items is because of the moisture percentage which is about 70% ~ 80% compared to dry which only about 10%. This shows that dog prefer to eat food with high moisture. To improve their health dog need natural balance dog food as well.

However, when you look at it from nutrients point of view, most of the times canned contains much lesser nutrients compared with what dry has (which is 90% are nutrients). The canned is only contains of soy products that are processed so well to look like meat pieces.

It is very important to give your dog a natural balance dog food. Your dog requires nutritional balance in their body systems, therefore to make up with this balance diet, they have to eat alot more canned compared to dry materials. Hence, you can compare on how much cost you have to spend related to this factor. And most of dry items are made of soybean and rice.

Corn also is one of the popular base for dry food, nowadays. However, in occasion semi moist items of dry item is a good choice for large size of dog that weight more than 30 pounds. Some beef based or chicken based items which come in the cans sometimes suited for improving dog's health status.

The fact is larger dogs require to consume plenty of moist food, which most of canned items match to these criteria. But it may not satisfy natural balance dog food required and the level of nutrients for large size dog, on the other hand, it has different impact for small dogs, they may satisfied by level of nutrients if fed by moist items.

However, you should not forget the density of the caloric in dry food. It is highly recommended to offer enriched dry food for your dog.

Author by Finley Zhang, is a dog lover, and he enjoy of sharing information and knowledge to improving dog's health.

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