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Nutro Dog Food

For many pet owners a well-balanced nutritional diet for the pet is as important as a balance nutritional diet for their families. Using only holistic ingredients in their products, Nutro dog food offers the protein needed for a dog while staying away from additives and artificial ingredients that have no positive effect on the animal’s health.

Three main sources of protein, chicken, lamb and salmon are found in Nutro dog food providing essential amino acids for muscle development and toning, along with natural oils such as sunflower oil and fish oils to aid the dog’s digestive tract. Tocopherol, a natural preservative is also a source of vitamin E helps maintain freshness without the use of chemical preservatives.

Linoleic acids help maintain the dog’s shiny coat as well as fight against skin diseases as part of a holistic approach to treat the entire animal instead of just one symptom by providing all ingredients in Nutro dog food for overall health. The inclusion of DHA in Nutro dog food has also shown to help the dog through training by providing an aid to its learning processes. The natural inter-reactions among the pet food’s ingredients are beneficial to the animal’s well being.

Nutro Dog Food Passes Animal’s Taste Test

Putting all the health and nutrition into a dog food will not serve any purpose if the taste is not palatable to its intended end user, the dog. In many taste tests, Nutro dog food has come out on top and the company claims that 95 percent of the dogs tested preferred Nutro dog food over other brands of similar formulation.

Since 1926 the company has been nothing except all natural ingredients in its dog food products and continued research has developed better formulas to provide the best possible nutritional benefits for the pets that eat Nutro dog food.

Understanding the nutritional needs of dogs is of the utmost important part of Nutro dog food and finding the best ingredients to work together to help in the overall health of a pet has put the company on the pinnacle of pet foods having the pet’s health in mind instead of a food that simply tastes good to the animals.

For dogs of all ages, from puppy through adult as well as formulations for different breeds, Nutro dog food has a blend to meet all of their needs. Dry food, canned foods and biscuits are available to both feed the animal’s appetite while providing important health benefits. is a blog that specializes in providing best dog food and other related Information, Advice and Resources.

Natural Dog Food

Looking for the best natural dog food? Here are 6 tips to help you find the best natural dog food for your pet.

1. READ the labels and especially pay attention to the first 5-7 ingredients on the list. These ingredients make up the majority of the the food. These ingredients need to be whole foods and preferably more protein than grains.

2. Stay away from any dog food that uses the word "by products". Some commercial pet food companies advertise" natural dog food" and use "by products". For example, rather than using whole chicken, they have substituted by products like chicken heads, feet, and intestines. These by products are indeed "natural" but they are not good for your dog.

3. Stay away from dog foods that have corn, wheat gluten, dairy and soy in them. Soy has been associated with bloating and gas in dogs. Wheat and corn have been associated with allergies in dogs.

4. Look for a natural dog food that is additive and preservative free. Stay away from any so called "natural" dog food that contains BHA or BHT. These are chemical preservatives that are not good for your dog.

5. Look for a natural dog food that has been fortified with vitamins and minerals. Dogs need vitamin and mineral supplementation too. This will help to strengthen their immune system.

6. Does the natural dog food have probiotics in it? Probiotics are the friendly bacteria that you also find in yogurt. These "good" bacteria help with digestion and nutrient absorption in your dog.

Did you know that dogs fed a high quality dog food live on average 5 or more years longer than dogs fed lesser-quality food?

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Diabetic Dog Food

Like humans, dogs too get diabetes. When a dog has diabetes, the best way to keep it in control is by giving it diabetic dog food, which is low in sugar and carbohydrates. Apart from controlling the amount of sugar in a diabetic dog’s food, the amount of food and the frequency in which they are fed also needs to be monitored. The general recommendation is that your diabetic dog should be fed smaller meals twice or thrice a day instead of a single large meal. This is because blood sugar levels can be stabilized by smaller meals, whereas a single large meal results in a high insulin spike, and then for it to drop down in 12 hours. When blood sugar plummets too low, it results in hypoglycemia, which is a series condition.

So what diabetic dog food should you give your dog? Here are a few recommendations that will assist in controlling the diabetic condition of your dog:

Shun Foods That Have Sugar

Most dog owners have very little idea about the amounts of carbohydrates and sugar contained in commercial dog food. Carbohydrates are considered a form of sugar because they are metabolized into glucose by the body. Both soft-moist dog food and dry dog food are considered culprits. If you must feed your dog commercially manufactured dog food, it is better to give them a good quality canned food. It is important to check the ingredients, which are printed on the label.

Homemade Diabetic Dog Food

The best solution is to feed your dog homemade dog foods and raw foods. By doing this, you will be able to keep track of exactly how much carbohydrates and sugar they are getting. Putting your dog on a homemade diabetic dog food diet need not be expensive or hard work. There are plenty of websites on the Internet that have lots of advice and recipes that are nutritious and tasty.

Cut Down On The Fat

Apart from regulating blood sugar and insulin levels in the body, the pancreas also produces enzymes that break down fats. Since it is essential not to put too much stress on the pancreas of a diabetic dog, it is important to choose low-fat meats. Ground beef should not be given, and the extra fat in turkey and chicken should be removed. While some fat is required for good health, according to nutritionists, it is best to minimize the amount as much as possible.

Some Grains Are Good

While you do have to be careful about the quantity of grain you feed your dog, since animals cannot digest grains as easily as humans because their digestive track is shorter, certain grains are beneficial for diabetic dogs. Millet, oats and brown rice provide fiber and also help to control the levels of insulin. Some nutritionists also advise cornmeal, but sometimes dogs have allergic reactions to wheat and corn. But it is best to use grains sparingly, because being carbohydrates they are turned into glucose by the body.
Adding fresh vegetables and raw fruits, which are high in nutrients and vitamins, and have natural sugars (which do not have the detrimental effects on insulin levels that processed sugar does), brewer’s yeast which contains a substance known as ‘glucose tolerance factor’ which helps the body to use blood sugar more efficaciously, and Vitamin E which aids in reducing the requirement for insulin, are some of the other recommendations.
Before making any changes to your dog’s diet, it is important to consult a vet about the diabetic dog food diet your pet needs, and give those foods that your dog tolerates well. But, as a thumb rule, avoid giving baked foods that contain sugar and flour.

You can learn how to make your own dog food and help your dog become a healthy and happier dog. Just follow a few guide lines while you make a healthy dog food recipe and you'll be on your way.

Raw Dog Food

Raw dog food recipes are the very best way for your dog to eat a natural diet.

Dogs are born hunters. However they have obviously had their hunting needs taken away from them as they became domesticated, with owners placing bowls of food out everyday - there is no need for a dog to hunt for raw meat anymore.

Unfortunately many owners do not realize what a dog’s natural diet should be. That is why raw dog food recipes come into importance.

Dogs need raw food to maintain their natural health. Out in the wild, dogs kill other animals and eat their raw meat. There is no cooking or factory manufacturing as is seen in dog food today. And there is certainly no left over dinners - something many owners are guilty of indulging their dogs in!

This advice applies to cats as well. Cats are predators in the same way that dogs are and therefore are made for a raw food diet.

A simple raw dog food recipe would consist of raw meat, vegetable puree, some cooked whole grains, kelp powder, ascorbic acid and around 1 teaspoon of oil (don't go overboard on the oil).

This recipe will provide your dog with a huge amount of health benefits such as increased energy, a healthy digestive and immune system, cleaner teeth and gums, healthier skin and coat and smoother stool motions.

On top of all this, your dog will be delighted to be receiving food that is in tune with his natural diet. Dogs were MADE to eat raw food. Giving your dog cooked and manufactured food all the time is doing him a great disservice to his health and happiness.

Do your dog a favor and start putting together some raw dog food recipes for him to enjoy! He will thank you for it and will live a longer healthier life with you!

JamesCook is a computer scientist. An experienced owner and lover of dogs. Visit my blog at to learn more about the right natural food combinations to give to your dog in order for him to live healthier, happier and of course LONGER.

Diamond Dog Food

As your dog gets older, he or she will need special types of food to keep him or her healthy and strong. Always remember that old dogs have different nutrient requirements compared to younger dogs so you should make sure that your dog gets what it needs. Always remember that the stamina of your dog wanes as he or she ages. To help your dog regain some of his or her vitality, it is very important to give your dog some energy rich food like the diamond dog food for older dogs.

The diamond dog food for older dogs contains all the essential energy giving ingredients for aging dogs. The manufacturers of diamond dog food understands the changes that happens in the body of your dog as he or she ages and strives to counter the aging process by proving the right type and amount of nutrients that is suitable for aging dogs. The diamond dog food has been a trusted brand for years when it comes to providing healthy food for aging pets. Since the diamond dog food has been around in the market for sometime, you can be sure that the makers of this brand of dog food has already perfected their study on the dietary needs of aging dogs.

Feeding Your Aging Dog

When feeding your aging dog with diamond dog food, make sure that you strictly follow the amount of food that you should give to your aging pet. Always remember that aging pets are quite sensitive to food and that if too much food could cause them to have upset stomachs. To avoid causing your aging pet some discomforts, make sure that you feed him or her according to the feeding directions provided.

There are times when your aging dog will not really feel so well and will not touch his or her food. In case your dog refuses to touch his or her food, do not forcefully feed your dog. Just place a small amount of diamond dog food near the dog where he or she can see and smell it so that when your dog fells hungry, he or she can easy eat something.

If your dog refused to something, observe your dog closely. If you feel that there is something that is terribly wrong with your dog, take your dog to the vet and once. Do not try to give your dog any type of medications without the knowledge of the vet. is a blog that specializes in providing best dog food and other related Information, Advice and Resources.

Dog Treat Recipes

The variety of dog treat recipes available can be overwhelming. Even if you previously were unaware that dog treat recipes were even available, you may find that once you start looking for dog treat recipes, you find more recipes than you thought possible. There are a few tips for simplifying your search though that should make choosing a few dog treat recipes an accomplishable task.

Before searching for dog treat recipes, it is advisable to do some preliminary research to compile a list of ingredients that you wish to avoid. This list could include ingredients that are harmful to dogs in general such as grapes, raisins, onions and cocoa, ingredients that your dog has a known allergy to and ingredients that have proven to be harsh on your dog’s stomach in the past. Compiling this list can help you to eliminate many dog treat recipes that contain these ingredients.

You can also make the list of dog treat recipes more manageable by focusing on those that feature ingredients that your dog is particularly fond of. For example if your dog loves peanut butter or drools over bananas you might want to focus your dog treat recipe search on recipes that include these ingredients.

There are so many dog treat recipes available that you may have difficulty settling on one recipe to try first. Tips such as eliminating recipes with certain ingredients and focusing on those with other ingredients can help you to make a decision. You should also search for recipes that sound appealing to you.

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Holistic Dog Food

For many pet owners, their dog is like one of the family. They love their dog deeply and want only the best for them. Maintaining your dog's health ensures he will have a long and happy life with you, and a crucial part of this is feeding your dog the right food. Holistic dog food is one of the best choices you can make for your pet.

Other types of dog food may have additives which can be harmful for your pet, but holistic dog food, especially natural organic dog food, mimics the natural diet your dog would eat in the wild. By mimicking its natural diet you are helping your dog to live a more natural and healthier life.

A big advantage of feeding your pet holistic dog food is that it is likely to improve your dog's immune system, making it healthier. While the meat in commercial food may have antibiotics in it, organic dog food does not, which keeps your dog's immune system strong, and ready to fight off any infection.

Your dog will also be healthier because holistic dog food is likely to have a better balance of minerals and nutrients, helping to maintain a healthy digestive system, and helping your dog build strong muscles, teeth and bones. This will also help keep your dog healthy into its advanced years.

Do you show your dog? If so natural dog food is still a good choice, because it aids in a glossy coat and bright eyes. Judges at dog shows look for healthy animals, and there is nothing healthier than a natural well balanced diet. Just like with humans, when a dog is healthy it shows in everything they do, from their movements to the way they hold themselves.

But where can you get natural dog food? You can make it yourself, from recipes on the internet. Be careful to source only the best of ingredients and experiment with ratios until you find something which works for you and your pet. If the recipe will freeze properly, considering making a large batch every month to save time.

If you don't want to make the food yourself, then ask your vet or your dog's breeder for recommendations of natural dog food manufacturers. Otherwise browse through the selection of foods at your local pet store, being careful to read labels properly to find a good food.

Although it does require some extra effort, and extra cost, holistic dog food is a worthwhile expense. If you care about your pet, then you'll surely agree that being able to spend more time with your pet, and more time in which your pet is living a happy and healthy life, is worth the time and money.

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Homemade Dog Food Recipe

Dog owners are now hesitant to feed their dogs with processed or commercial dog food due to recent reports and news about food contamination on commercial dog food causing illnesses and premature deaths of dogs. This is really scary that is why more and more pet owners are turning to healthy homemade dog food recipe to make sure they are feeding their dogs with healthy dog food.

It is a growing concern now to most pet owners that commercial dog food contains preservatives, harmful chemicals and made from poor-quality meat that could result to various diseases. News of rampant recalls of this due to numerous reports of kidney failures on animals leading to deaths has alarmed most pet owners to be cautious in feeding their pets with this type of food. This is the answer to avoid food poisoning and diseases.

Healthy homemade dog food recipe do not contain harmful chemicals or additives that will put your dog's health at risk. Your dog will benefit more and will be healthier if you switch from commercial dog food to healthy homemade recipe. You are sure that you are feeding your dog with fresh, high quality and healthy recipe.

Before switching from commercial dog food to healthy homemade dog food recipe, it is recommended that you consult you vet to know the nutritional needs of your beloved canine friend and to discuss your new diet plans.

If you find it hard to create a healthy homemade recipe, you can research the internet for healthy recipes or ask help from the experts on how to make healthy recipe for your dog. Putting a little extra time for the safety and health of your dog is not a waste of time; after all you love your pet and want to spend more years of companionship with your canine friend.

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Blue Buffalo Dog Food

With many pet owners concerned about the diets of their animals, it is a relief to hear of the high standards of quality promised by Blue Buffalo dog food suppliers. Advocates of Blue Buffalo dog food products swear by the quality of the ingredients and the standards by which the health and safety of animals are set. The company aims to provide high quality and healthy foods for pets with the ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers and undergoing many inspections and quality control procedures.

Blue buffalo makes certain declarations about their dog food products; the number one ingredient is always lamb or chicken and is added to wholegrain rice, without the need for artificial additives or preservatives. They do not use potentially harmful ingredients such as wheat, corn, Soya or animal byproducts. These types of additions often cause food allergies and digestive problems in dogs so any dog food that does not contain these substances is an instant hit with worried dog owners.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Product Ranges

Amongst the Blue Buffalo dog food ranges of products are some interesting additions. There are a number of meals designed specifically for puppies and include meals of de-boned chicken, healthy vegetables and wholegrain rice which provide all of the essential nutrients that a growing puppy needs to thrive. Amino acids and complex carbohydrates along with vitamins and minerals provide a good source of nutrients for puppies. There are also specially formulated meals for puppies of larger breeds and also for stages when puppies may have gained a little too much weight, this light meal is guaranteed to keep the puppy at an optimum weight to maintain good health and fitness.

For adult dogs, there are various nutritious meals that are aimed at maintaining a healthy coat, gums, teeth and joints as well as reducing the chances of illness in dogs. Blue Buffalo also designs dog food aimed at larger breeds that normally have different requirements to smaller dogs in order to stay healthy. There are even fish and vegetable meals so a pet that is fed Blue Buffalo dog food will have a well balanced and varied diet. The ranges even include the specific needs of elderly dogs and take their growing years and health issues into account with their senior range. As all dogs have different needs, it is essential for dog food manufacturers to grow and expand, constantly seeking the best sources of nutrition for dogs of any size or life cycle. For more details about Dog Food Recipes Click Here

Homemade Dog Treats

Creating homemade dog treats can be a fun activity for children. Children enjoy taking care of their pets and having them assist you in creating homemade dog treats can help them to feel more involved with the care of their beloved pet. Older children can help you to search for recipes for homemade dog treats and can help you to prepare the homemade dog treats in your own kitchen. They can help you with some of the more complex aspects such as chopping and measuring the ingredients.

Younger children can also help you to create homemade dog treats for the family dog. They are capable of helping you to mix the ingredients for the homemade dog treats.

Also, if the recipe calls for the dog treats to be cut out of rolled out dough; many young children will enjoy using cooking cutters to cut out shapes for the homemade dog treats.

Baking your own homemade dog treats is an activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family. The parents and children have the joy of creating treats for their dog that are both tasty and nutritious and the dogs enjoy being pampered with homemade dog treats that were made specifically for them.

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Kirkland Dog Food

Diamond brand dog foods produce some other brands as they are in demand. One brand of dog food that they make is called Kirkland dog food. Kirkland dog food is sold at Costco stores. They were one of the many brands that ended up being contaminated and recalled. Most of the Kirkland dog food is fine and without contamination. One or two canned foods had problems but everything else was found to be safe. If a person doesn’t know or is confused about the whole issue they can call Diamond brand foods or look them up on the internet.

Many people use Kirkland dog food for the entire lifecycle of the dog’s life without any problem. The Kirkland brand cares about dogs and keeping them healthy and happy for life. When something like this freak contamination happens, they are just as upset as anyone. They may be even more upset than the pet owners because they feed their dogs the same food that is offered for sale to the public. They grieve about losing their own dogs and the many customers dogs also. It is important to remember it wasn’t just Kirkland who had problems. The entire industry of dog foods had some contamination. Kirkland is a high quality company that prides itself with producing high quality products for their customers.

Kirkland Dog Food Products

Many people think that Kirkland dog food is bad. The facts say just the opposite. In ratings conducted for dog owners, people who use Kirkland for their dogs have healthy animals with a good shiny coat and excellent teeth. In fact, if a person would compare Kirkland dog food to almost any other premium food product, they will see that the ingredients are the same. There is one major difference between Kirkland and the other premium dog foods, Kirkland costs much less than other premium foods. That alone is a great reason to try Kirkland when purchasing new dog food. Give it a try and find out why it is such a great product.

Many people switch to Kirkland dog foods because they have seen other dogs that eat it. The food is high quality and many pets have eaten Kirkland for their entire life. It might not be as popular as other flashy brands that advertise on the TV, but what does a dog owner really care about? Hopefully, they think of feeding their dogs with a high quality diet from Kirkland dog food. If someone has a dog as their best friend and cares about the dog’s health, they should buy Kirkland dog food for life, the dog’s life.

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Beneful Dog Food

Good food is essential to your dog’s health. If you do not give your dog the right kind of food, your dog may suffer from malnutrition and will become sickly. Sickly dogs are never fun to be with. They tend to be grumpy and sluggish most of the time so they do not really make good companions at all. If you love your dog, you must learn to value its health by providing it with the best source of nutrition like beneful dog food.

The good thing about beneful dog food is that it contains fewer calories than most other types of dog food. Always remember that dogs are just like human beings. If you feed them with unhealthy types of food like those containing lots and lots of calories, your dog will be more prone to diseases. Since beneful dog food contains fewer calories, you can be sure that your dog’s health is protected.

Product Contents

The beneful dog food contains all the essential elements that your dog needs. The main source of protein in the beneful dog food is chicken. The moist and chewy chunks of beneful dog food contain real chicken that is rich in protein. It also contains protein from soya which helps in building strong muscles of your dog. Note that protein is very important to the health and well-being of your dog. Whether your dog is one of those large breeds that are usually used for hunting and other sporting activities or one of those small house dogs, it is important to give your dog lots of protein rich food.

Aside from protein rich ingredients, the beneful dog food also contains rice and other carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are very important in your dog’s diet because it gives your dog lots of energy. If you want your dog to stay strong and energetic all the time, carbohydrates will do the trick. However, you should be careful not to give our dog too many carbohydrates because carbohydrates can turn into fats. If you are not very careful when giving your dog carbohydrates rich food, your dog could become obese. The god thing about the beneful dog food is that is contains just the right amount of carbohydrates. If you use beneful dog food, you do not have to worry about giving your dog too much of something because this type of dog contains balance amount of all the essentials nutrients that your dog needs to stay healthy.

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Natural Balance Dog Food

Dogs like different types of material with different grades.They only like dry foods if the it is tasty and if compared with canned item, dogs will prefer to consume canned food. The reason why dog's prefer to consume canned items is because of the moisture percentage which is about 70% ~ 80% compared to dry which only about 10%. This shows that dog prefer to eat food with high moisture. To improve their health dog need natural balance dog food as well.

However, when you look at it from nutrients point of view, most of the times canned contains much lesser nutrients compared with what dry has (which is 90% are nutrients). The canned is only contains of soy products that are processed so well to look like meat pieces.

It is very important to give your dog a natural balance dog food. Your dog requires nutritional balance in their body systems, therefore to make up with this balance diet, they have to eat alot more canned compared to dry materials. Hence, you can compare on how much cost you have to spend related to this factor. And most of dry items are made of soybean and rice.

Corn also is one of the popular base for dry food, nowadays. However, in occasion semi moist items of dry item is a good choice for large size of dog that weight more than 30 pounds. Some beef based or chicken based items which come in the cans sometimes suited for improving dog's health status.

The fact is larger dogs require to consume plenty of moist food, which most of canned items match to these criteria. But it may not satisfy natural balance dog food required and the level of nutrients for large size dog, on the other hand, it has different impact for small dogs, they may satisfied by level of nutrients if fed by moist items.

However, you should not forget the density of the caloric in dry food. It is highly recommended to offer enriched dry food for your dog.

Author by Finley Zhang, is a dog lover, and he enjoy of sharing information and knowledge to improving dog's health.

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Organic Dog Food

Organic dog food is becoming more and more popular now a days as it's considered to now only be good for your health but also environmentally friendly which in today's world of 'clean and green' is a factor. In general the price of organic dog food is somewhat more expensive than that of normal dog food but it is money well spent as a healthy diet is the key factor in keeping your dog healthy and by your sides for many years to come.

But what is organic dog food anyway? Many people seem to think that organic dog food means that there is something unique or special about the nutritional content of the food but the reality is that this has nothing to do with it. It has more to do with how the food is made and processed.

An example of this would be whether the protein or meat that is contained within the dog food was fed organically and there by free of chemicals and pesticides in its raring. If a cattle beast for example was being slaughtered and used in organic dog food then to be true organic dog food that cattle beast would have had to be fed on grass and grain that had no fertilizers or pesticides used on it. This ensures that the end product (being the organic) is truly organic. If the cattle beast was raised and feed on grasses and corn that had fertilizers and pesticides used on it, then the end product could not be considered organic.

Although organic dog food will in general be harder to find I can assure you that it would be well worth the effort as it will lead to a healthier and happier dog If you cannot find organic dog food in your area then it is well worth the trouble to learn as much as you can about the commercial dog foods that are available.

A word of warning though, there are many, many commercially purchased dog foods that can be harmful for your dog in fact over the years there have been numerous dog food recalls due to accidental poisoning and the likes. This is why organic dog food can be very beneficial.

To find out about what dog foods you should avoid please take 5 minutes and visit the site below but prepared to be shocked about what you may find about the dog food industry.

Find out the shocking truth about Natural Dog Food by visiting our site. Be prepared to be sickened when you find out what these dog food companies put in their so called Natural Dog Food. Visit

Purina Dog Food

With its beginnings dating back to 1893 manufacturing feed for horses, the Ralston-Purina company was born on the theory that horse always have to eat, regardless of the economic climate. With that basic premise still in mind Purina dog food remains one of the world leaders in the manufacture and distribution of pet food.
From mixing the horse feed with shovels on the floor of their factory, today per foods go through much more stringent quality controls and the people working for Purina dog food understand the important role pets play in the lives of their owners. Many of those working for Purina dog food also have pets of their own and use Purina products almost exclusively. The dedication to the quality and nutrition of Purina dog food is evident in the number of breeds and sizes of animals served by its products.

From puppy to adult and even Purina dog food for senior dogs contain the ingredients for the specific age of the animals. There are nutritional products to also address the needs of specific health issues faced by dogs as well as cats. Older dogs may need special care and Purina products reflect that need and the company’s history of providing quality ingredients assures owners of its commitment to a pet’s health.

Nutritional Care Helps Pets Age Gracefully

Unlike humans, most animals do not realize they may be getting older, and pet owners can help them forget their age by supplying the Purina dog food for their age group to meet their nutritional needs. Care of the animal’s teeth, joint health as well as their skin and coat can all be helped with the right formulation of dog food. Ignoring the dog’s basic needs could result in their golden years being somewhat tarnished.

Most pet owners treat their animals like children and feeding the animal should be done with the same care and concern as the diet they feed their families. Table scraps are never a substitute for good pet nutrition, and Purina dog food uses only the finest and freshest of meats for its source of protein and only cereals and grains known to benefit the animal’s health, including its digestive tract and aid in heart health are used in it products.

Although many dogs love the taste of Purina dog food it is important to limit the animal’s intake to help it maintain a healthy weight and is it grows older keeping it on a regular diet can help the family companion reach maturity while maintaining its health. is a blog that specializes in providing best dog food and other related Information, Advice and Resources.

Solid Gold Dog Food

While traveling through Germany with Great Danes, Sissy-Harrington McGill could not help but notice the longer life spans of the dogs in that country compared to those born and raised in the United States. The initial thought was the ingredients in the dog food they were being fed so when she returned to her native California, she began to experiment and in 1974 lunched Solid Gold dog food using her own natural ingredients formula. For over 30 years the company has focused on pet foods containing no preservatives or saturated fat. Rice, barley and oats replace the wheat, soy and corn found in may other pet foods and USDA choice meats are the only ones used in the company’s pet food products. Solid Gold dog food also produces a line for natural shampoos and skin treatment for pets. As pet care products continue to increase in importance for pet owners, the Solid Gold dog food line of skin treatment, ear care and shampoos continue to make in-roads in natural pet care. Having a product to help the health and appearance of a beloved pet is a rapidly growing priority for many pet owners and the flaxseed oil and shampoos containing jojoba skin treatment and coat conditioner keeps the dog healthier looking and happier.

Artificial Products Have No Place In Solid Gold

All Solid Gold dog food products are made with all natural ingredients, from the freshest cuts of meat to the high quality grains, to insure the animal is being treated like a member of the owner’s family. No artificial flavorings or preservatives to alter the taste or the way the products help the pet nutritionally.

Whether Solid Gold dog food will extend the life expectancy of any animal is open for debate, but quality nutritional food is one factor that contributes to the overall health of the animal. Insuring there is no ingredients that can cause health problems in any animal is a priority of Solid Gold dog food, which is why it uses only the best products in the pet food.

In additional to its full line of pet food and skin care products, for animals that may need a little extra nutritional help, Solid Gold dog food also produces supplements to help the animal have all of the vitamins and minerals it needs for a healthy life. Balancing the dog’s vitamin C and phosphorous intake with no dairy products can be accomplished with many supplements from Solid Gold dog food. is a blog that specializes in providing best dog food and other related Information, Advice and Resources.

Wellness Dog Food

While some pet food manufacturers use every scrap of meat from animal renderings, Wellness dog food limits ingredients to only quality sources for what the animals need for good nutrition. A balanced combination of protein, grains for fiber and fruits for antioxidant protection are included in all varieties of Wellness dog food to help the pet remain healthy and active.

Many of the less expensive pet foods utilize all of the parts of meat and eat byproducts in their foods, allowing the inclusion of products that may include added hormones and potentially diseased animals. Wellness dog food does not use animals in their dog food with questionable health, which could possibly contain allergens, animal fats, soy, wheat and other products that may be hazardous to canines.

By using only quality protein sources, Wellness dog food promotes strong muscles and the grains included promote healthy fiber and provides energy for the pet. Antioxidant protection for the dog’s blood health is included with fruits and vegetables and the inclusion of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids provide for the animal’s skin and coat. Many dogs can develop joint problems but Wellness dog food contains Glucosamine and chrondroitin to help healthy joints and taurine help prevent heart problems in pets.

No Room For Bad Foods In Wellness

With all the nutritional products packed into Wellness dog food there is no room for fats and processed foods. It contains no meat byproducts or rendered animal fat, white rice, dairy, egg or soy products that can have ill effects on many dogs. Wellness dog food products respect and promote the overall health of all canines and only products proven to be beneficial to the well being of the pet is included in the food products.

Artificial flavorings and artificial colors have no place in a dog’s food, and are not included in any variety of Wellness dog food. Only fresh meats are included and the fruits and vegetables are not left over from other processes and dumped in the food just to save them from being thrown away. Anything that does not meet the high standards for quality to be included in the company’s dog food ends up in the trash or in another company’s products.

Most families view their dog as more than a faithful companion and many treat it like a loyal member of their family. Feeding it the best products they can is important to the animals health and well being as well as to the family’s peace of mind. is a blog that specializes in providing best dog food and other related Information, Advice and Resources.

Dog Food Recipes

Treat your dog to a Healthy Dog Food Recipes. Did you know that commercial dog food is actually bad for your dogs health and can cause many illnesses?

I didn't until recently... But listen

As a dog lover myself I feel that it is very important that you read what I have to say below, as this information could save not only your dogs health but also increase his or her life by 134% which equates to your dog being with you for up to an extra 8.3 years, which has got to be good !

Personally, I have always fed dogs on commercial dog food and so has everyone else I know that I can think of; and never thought anything about it. I was shocked to find out recently that this was actually a bad thing to do and that a good Healthy Dog Food Recipes could not only give my dog a better quality of life, but also make his life longer as well.

Probably the most shocking thing of all to me was the things that can happen due to not giving my dog a Healthy Dog Food Recipes, such as

Bladder cancer

Kidney cancer

Immune system collapse

Chronic Diarrhea

Liver dysfunction


Hair Loss

And the list goes on, all these things can be a threat by feeding a dog commercial dog food. Not a very nice thought at all.

I love my dog and want to keep him with me as long as possible. I'm sure that you feel the same way, hopefully you will take note of this article and maybe look into putting your dog on to a Healthy Dog Food Recipes plan.

If you would like to read more information on Healthy Dog Food Recipes and also receive a Free mini course on how to extend your dogs life by up to 134% please visit Healthy Dog Food Recipes is a blog that specializes in providing best dog food and other related Information, Advice and Resources.

Homemade Dog Food

Homemade dog food is becoming a popular option for pet owners everywhere, after the recent commercial dog food contamination scare. What exactly have we been feeding our dogs? What should we be feeding them? We pet owners take for granted that commercial store bought dog food is safe for our beloved pets. Here are the top 7 benefits that homemade dog food has to offer your canine friend.

1. Homemade dog food allows you to know exactly what your dog is eating. You don’t have to worry about contaminated food, unfit ingredients, or harmful preservatives.

2. Homemade dog food helps your dog to maintain a healthier weight. By preparing your dogs food, you are able to calorie control meals.

3. Homemade dog food helps your dog to have more energy. Homemade dog food gives your dog better quality nutrition, which helps him or her to feel better and be more playful.

4. Homemade dog food can help your dog to have a healthier digestive tract. Dogs that eat homemade dog food have less gas, smaller stools, and better smelling breath.

5. Homemade dog food can help your dog to have healthier skin. Dogs that eat homemade dog food have less shedding, a shinier coat, and better smelling fur.

6. Homemade dog food can save your money. It is true, homemade dog food actually ends up costing you less than the same amount of store bought dog food.

7. Dogs love the taste of homemade dog food. They prefer fresh, preservative free home cooking just as much as we do.

Benefits of Homemade Dog Food

Homemade dog food is exactly what the name implies – dog food that is made from home. There are many reasons and benefits that people are turning to homemade dog food to feed their beloved pets.

Homemade dog food is increasing in popularity for a few reasons. One of the main reasons for the dramatic switch from commercial store-bought dog food to homemade dog food is the recent contaminated dog food scare. The safety of commercial dog food has pet owners everywhere nervous about store-bought dog food. This reason alone has caused thousands of dog owners to take charge of their pet’s diet and begin making their dog food for them for peace of mind and to know exactly what their dog is getting.

Homemade dog food offers many benefits to a dog. First of all, when given the choice of homemade or store-bought dog food, the majority of dogs will choose homemade dog food without a doubt. In addition to homemade dog food being more nutritious for a dog, is more tasty and satisfying to a dog as well. In addition to a pleasurable eating experience, homemade dog food offers many health benefits to a dog as well. Dogs that are fed homemade dog food on a regular basis have a healthier digestive tract, meaning better breath, less gas, and smaller and firmer stools. Healthier skin, a shinier and silkier coat, and more energy to enjoy activities are some of the other health benefits that can be noticed as well. is a blog that specializes in providing best dog food and other related Information, Advice and Resources.

Canidae Dog Food

Canidae dog food is a type of dog food that many people are familiar with. While people may have heard of the name and even bought this type of food for their dog, what they may not be aware of is that this dog food company has had some problems in the past. Because of the issues that this company has had, you may want to question whether or not you really want to feed your dog food that has come from this company. So, let's take a look at some of the problems that have surrounded this particular type of dog food.

Acetaminophen Found in Dry Canidae Dog Food
Believe it or not, acetaminophen has been found in certain types of dry Canidae dog food. There were tests done on the food by Expertox, and the samples were sent to the company in bags by a pet owner. While these samples were taken from opened bags, they are planning to do some tests on bags that have been sealed as well. Of course this is not really a shock, since other dog foods have had the same problem in the past. So, if you constantly purchase this type of food for your dog, you may want to consider switching brands or making your own dog food at home.

The Two to Avoid
There are two particular dog foods that you should be avoiding when it comes to Canidae dog food. First of all, the problem was found in Canidae All Life Stages Dry Dog Food, and then it has also been found in the Canidae Lamb and Rice Formula Dry Dog Food as well. So, while the evidence is not totally conclusive when it comes to these dog foods, it may be the best idea to totally avoid them before there is really a conclusion as to whether or not there is acetaminophen in these bags when you first open them or if it somehow got in the bags another way.

Other Foods to Watch Out For
Of course Canidae dog food is not the only pet food that has ended up with this problem over time. There have been several other different pet foods that have tested positive for having acetaminophen in them, and they have not be recalled either. Innova Dry Dog Food is one of them, as well as Pet Pride Turkey & Giblets Canned Cat Food. So, as you can see, it may be a problem that is more widespread than we like to think, so it's important to be very careful when purchasing dog food. is a blog that specializes in providing best dog food and other related Information, Advice and Resources.