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Canidae Dog Food

Canidae dog food is a type of dog food that many people are familiar with. While people may have heard of the name and even bought this type of food for their dog, what they may not be aware of is that this dog food company has had some problems in the past. Because of the issues that this company has had, you may want to question whether or not you really want to feed your dog food that has come from this company. So, let's take a look at some of the problems that have surrounded this particular type of dog food.

Acetaminophen Found in Dry Canidae Dog Food
Believe it or not, acetaminophen has been found in certain types of dry Canidae dog food. There were tests done on the food by Expertox, and the samples were sent to the company in bags by a pet owner. While these samples were taken from opened bags, they are planning to do some tests on bags that have been sealed as well. Of course this is not really a shock, since other dog foods have had the same problem in the past. So, if you constantly purchase this type of food for your dog, you may want to consider switching brands or making your own dog food at home.

The Two to Avoid
There are two particular dog foods that you should be avoiding when it comes to Canidae dog food. First of all, the problem was found in Canidae All Life Stages Dry Dog Food, and then it has also been found in the Canidae Lamb and Rice Formula Dry Dog Food as well. So, while the evidence is not totally conclusive when it comes to these dog foods, it may be the best idea to totally avoid them before there is really a conclusion as to whether or not there is acetaminophen in these bags when you first open them or if it somehow got in the bags another way.

Other Foods to Watch Out For
Of course Canidae dog food is not the only pet food that has ended up with this problem over time. There have been several other different pet foods that have tested positive for having acetaminophen in them, and they have not be recalled either. Innova Dry Dog Food is one of them, as well as Pet Pride Turkey & Giblets Canned Cat Food. So, as you can see, it may be a problem that is more widespread than we like to think, so it's important to be very careful when purchasing dog food. is a blog that specializes in providing best dog food and other related Information, Advice and Resources.


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This is the worst post... other than the ones that say Nutro, Beneful, Purina and the like are good dog foods.

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