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Holistic Dog Food

For many pet owners, their dog is like one of the family. They love their dog deeply and want only the best for them. Maintaining your dog's health ensures he will have a long and happy life with you, and a crucial part of this is feeding your dog the right food. Holistic dog food is one of the best choices you can make for your pet.

Other types of dog food may have additives which can be harmful for your pet, but holistic dog food, especially natural organic dog food, mimics the natural diet your dog would eat in the wild. By mimicking its natural diet you are helping your dog to live a more natural and healthier life.

A big advantage of feeding your pet holistic dog food is that it is likely to improve your dog's immune system, making it healthier. While the meat in commercial food may have antibiotics in it, organic dog food does not, which keeps your dog's immune system strong, and ready to fight off any infection.

Your dog will also be healthier because holistic dog food is likely to have a better balance of minerals and nutrients, helping to maintain a healthy digestive system, and helping your dog build strong muscles, teeth and bones. This will also help keep your dog healthy into its advanced years.

Do you show your dog? If so natural dog food is still a good choice, because it aids in a glossy coat and bright eyes. Judges at dog shows look for healthy animals, and there is nothing healthier than a natural well balanced diet. Just like with humans, when a dog is healthy it shows in everything they do, from their movements to the way they hold themselves.

But where can you get natural dog food? You can make it yourself, from recipes on the internet. Be careful to source only the best of ingredients and experiment with ratios until you find something which works for you and your pet. If the recipe will freeze properly, considering making a large batch every month to save time.

If you don't want to make the food yourself, then ask your vet or your dog's breeder for recommendations of natural dog food manufacturers. Otherwise browse through the selection of foods at your local pet store, being careful to read labels properly to find a good food.

Although it does require some extra effort, and extra cost, holistic dog food is a worthwhile expense. If you care about your pet, then you'll surely agree that being able to spend more time with your pet, and more time in which your pet is living a happy and healthy life, is worth the time and money.

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