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Nutro Dog Food

For many pet owners a well-balanced nutritional diet for the pet is as important as a balance nutritional diet for their families. Using only holistic ingredients in their products, Nutro dog food offers the protein needed for a dog while staying away from additives and artificial ingredients that have no positive effect on the animal’s health.

Three main sources of protein, chicken, lamb and salmon are found in Nutro dog food providing essential amino acids for muscle development and toning, along with natural oils such as sunflower oil and fish oils to aid the dog’s digestive tract. Tocopherol, a natural preservative is also a source of vitamin E helps maintain freshness without the use of chemical preservatives.

Linoleic acids help maintain the dog’s shiny coat as well as fight against skin diseases as part of a holistic approach to treat the entire animal instead of just one symptom by providing all ingredients in Nutro dog food for overall health. The inclusion of DHA in Nutro dog food has also shown to help the dog through training by providing an aid to its learning processes. The natural inter-reactions among the pet food’s ingredients are beneficial to the animal’s well being.

Nutro Dog Food Passes Animal’s Taste Test

Putting all the health and nutrition into a dog food will not serve any purpose if the taste is not palatable to its intended end user, the dog. In many taste tests, Nutro dog food has come out on top and the company claims that 95 percent of the dogs tested preferred Nutro dog food over other brands of similar formulation.

Since 1926 the company has been nothing except all natural ingredients in its dog food products and continued research has developed better formulas to provide the best possible nutritional benefits for the pets that eat Nutro dog food.

Understanding the nutritional needs of dogs is of the utmost important part of Nutro dog food and finding the best ingredients to work together to help in the overall health of a pet has put the company on the pinnacle of pet foods having the pet’s health in mind instead of a food that simply tastes good to the animals.

For dogs of all ages, from puppy through adult as well as formulations for different breeds, Nutro dog food has a blend to meet all of their needs. Dry food, canned foods and biscuits are available to both feed the animal’s appetite while providing important health benefits. is a blog that specializes in providing best dog food and other related Information, Advice and Resources.


Anonymous said...

Yes, my dogs love eating a dog food full of corn, wheat and lord knows what else. Just watch them itch till their hair falls out! Also I love feeding them recalled food!!ilhalpb

Anonymous said...

nutro is awful. do not feed it to your pets if you love them.

doug mac said...

The remnants of Nutro's "healthy" effects continues on our dogs. One is currently in the vet with an enlarged spleen, low red blood count, lethargy, watery diarrhea, swollen abdomen and rapid breathing.

We switched her away from Nutro too late, I fear.

We used Nutro since 1991, but have been plagued by the "new formula" since May of this year.

No more Nutro for us.

faisal said...

Dogs can also use diet foods.

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Sheila said...

We feed our dogs, CANIDAE, have been for many years and they are very healthy. Before CANIDAE, it was Nutro an they did not do well on Nutro.
I personally do not recommend Nutro. CANIDAE is an All Natural Dog Food. to read more on their food.

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aliah said...

As dog owner you should feed nutro food to your dog. good food can help you lot in keeping your dog healthy.
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